Arklow, Co.Wicklow

Shelton Abbey is a unique project in the portfolio of the Irish Prison Service, as well as having all the maintenance requirements of a prison. It is also a protected structure which necessitated that all works be completed to conservation standards. Once the ancestral seat of the Howard family, the Earls of Wicklow, this mansion dates from 1770 but was remodelled in its current impressive Gothic form by the architect Sir Richard Morrison in 1819. The Abbey is an open detention centre and currently provides accommodation for 115 inmates. which caters for both short-sentence offenders as well as long-sentence offenders who are approaching the end of their sentence.

Client: Arklow, Co.Wicklow

  • Bourke Builders have completed a number of works to the building which include the refurbishment of prisoners facilities, construction of a new sewage treatment plant, the improvement and extension of existing roadways together with the construction of new entrance pillars and gates.
  • As a protected structure, numerous conservation works have been carried out by Bourke Builders. These include the repair and conservation of sash windows together with the conservation and decoration of the spectacular Gothic ceilings with elaborate plasterwork and decorative plunging plaster bosses.